Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Class 4 - May 18, 2017

Today's reading is to continue chapters 3, 7, 13 and 14.


For homework, you should finish the CSS worksheet (assigned yesterday), which is due at 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Once you have finished the reading and the worksheet, take this HTML/CSS quiz, due at 11 p.m. Tuesday (May 25).

Friday class

Friday is a work day. You will not get any new assignments or readings on Friday.

This is a good time to get started on your class participation. Remember that you are expected to share at least two links related to web design on the class Facebook group and add insightful comments twice on links shared by others.

Working ahead

Most assignments are already posted on the assignment page . The best way to work ahead is to install Wordpress through the Reclaim Hosting control panel and start creating content for your final website I recommend installing it at the https:// version of your site so everything will be secure from the start. Here is that assignment (which will be explained much more in-depth when we start using Wordpress in class).

You can also keep reading in the book. Once you've read all of the assigned chapters, you can start on the Divs worksheet and the CSS Challenge.

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